. . . water, water, I` m almost water,
while unborn I used to float en the sweet waters of wombs.
                             Already in this world,
                             I want to swim
                  in the dangerous water of Life.
                The water slips over my body in flames,
                              I want to live from water,
                              I want to die in waters.
                 And while I sink in its inmensity
               I`ll feel dragged into the depths of desire.
                          Then I undress without shame,
                          and the Water hurts,
                          caressing me,
                provoking an ancestral weeping
                or relieving the horses of laughter.
                The Water penetrates the dermis,
                but keeps staying on my skin,
                like trembling dew of the day.
               And thus, I solely want to be water,
               aware that I can be a tear today
               and then, a river for tomorrow.
                            Salty or sweet,
                             I want to be.
                             YAKI YASKVLOSKI
© Copyright 2009Yaki Yaskvloski  All rights reserved.